Tuesday, December 23, 2008

U Say its Ur BirrfDay its My BiirrffDay 2..lol


What's poppin people the boy nitty here on my born day, just finished celebrating with my manager Scrap Dirty and Super Producer YOUNG RJ ,and u know it was the usual day for us, million dollar crib some food, some liquor, and for urs truly a little herbal refreshment! And the studio...goodtimes! Got a ton of birthday wishes from all my peoples, thru out the day and even a surprise bday shout from mr. Thanksgiving him self Dj Drama, so I wanna say thank u to all my people for holdin ya boy down y'all made it special for the kid! And for the record birthdays are for goodtimes no matter what ur doin so if someone is makin it difficult for u on that day they are not on ur team, and begging someone to play the game is beneath me and mine and that's why my team is that deal! So to my team thank u...peace and wealth

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