Friday, November 28, 2008

What up Doe??? The Introduction!!!!

(Photo By jasmine hashemi)
whats poppin people? ya boy Frank Nitt here, and for those who don' t know i'm one half of detroit duo frankndank. first let me welcome u to my inaugural blog, thats right muddasockas my first! and i guess we should kick it off with whats current with me...ahh where do i begin? "The Concert Hall Ep" is availabe online now, and it's my first solo ep and on top of that it's the first release off my label DigiPop. it's produced entirely by grammy nominated producer Young Rj(slum village,dwele,young buck) with his production compadre and the whole crews uncle, Craig Lane. needless to say i think it's "fuckin bananas" and i also think you will like it ,so get online type the title and buy that...big shout to illa j(yancey boys in stores now) and my whole illasoul fam we sipped remy and coke while the two j's illa and young r and myself got to work on some exclusive remix ish...big shout to de la..and the rest of the day it was the studio with T3 and Rj where the next slum village masterpiece is being put in the oven.... and all i can say is (in the creepiest child voice i can think of) there back! what else? oh Rapper Pooh(little brother), who is featured on my ep is also finishin up a real real dope lp with Young Rj and i've been lucky enough to be involved(u like how i brought that back to me right), so as u can see the boy nitt and the crew has got some shit cookin in the kitchen, but that ain't all muddasockas!!!!!! i got more in stay tuned and big shout to the manager man himself Scrap Dirty.....peace and wealth