Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pro's& Cons of Recording
@The Family Home!

Pro's and Con's of recording at the family home...
What's poppin people the boy nitty here broadcasting from the family home in the d since the crew took a little hiatus(T3 left town) see how I put the blame on someone else! So I'm here and I figured I should keep working, so I put up the portable stu in the crib and went on to bangin ish out, beats, songs, whatever. Now I must say there are advantages to being at the family home for someone like me, see I don't have a homebase persay, I kinda live out of my suitcase hence the portable studio, I might me in Cali this week and Germany the next, so being at the family crib and working is great because u have home cooked food right there and good eats are essential to a good session, next the comfort level is of the meter ur amongst family! If ur like me it's also a time to enjoy ur fam and use that good energy to create some ish! And that leads to the con's of it! That good food has to be prepared and it seems to me that, that shit happens right in the
middle of ur best verse of the day...LOL.. And u can't use it with dishes in the background! And the fam is never ending so working for any stretch of time is mission impossible, and I guess the fact that Yrj gave me a good ass mic doesn't help so even tho I'm in the front of the house I can here my son taking a leak in the bathroom at the back of the house...LOL..and that ain't cool! But it's all about balance people u can't get the good with out the bad..so u just have to get er' done!

Peace and wealth


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