Monday, December 1, 2008

WORKING TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo( Diamond Recording Studio)

What's poppin people all over the world? Since Scrap Dirty told me I got hits from er'where, by the way thx to the boat load of y'all that checked ya boy out! So unless u've been sleepin under a rock, u know it's a recession goin on outside no man is save from, and the only way out is to work! No matter what u do, rapper(like me), bus driver, pornstar, whatever! U just gotta grind it out( pun intended), & man help ur people, and I know some of them muddasocas aint right but u can't put that on us all! You atleast have to try to build with the ones that's true to it! Now nitty ain't just some some shit head with a computer or an iPhone in this case, I practice what I preach. I puts in work! Madlib, dj Rhettmatic and Ohno are all producers I've done songs if not whole projects with in the last 6 months, and not to mention a full album with Terrance Martin that we recorded in three days! And I'm in the studio right now as I type with young Rj, uncle craig and T3. Needless to say 2009 is gonna be a big year for the kid! So I'll end this with the timeless words of one of our hip hop pioneers Kool Mo Dee "I go to work" and u should to..

Peace and wealth
Frank nitt

"The Concert Hall Ep" available online now!!!

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