Friday, May 15, 2009



Ever since Motown moved to Los Angeles, sunshine and good vibes have been luring the Motor City's most musically minded to make the same migration. Now, one of Detroit's trustiest hip hop MCs, Frank Nitt (Frank'N'Dank), heads west to team up with producer Terrace Martin (Snoop Dogg's Ego Trippin'), hot hookman J.Black, and Cali legend DJ Quik for the new Delicious Vinyl single: "Love". A perfectly pitched summertime sizzler, "Love" is a celebration of devotion with the slinkiest synths since Zapp and plenty of bump for your swim trunks.
Frank Nitt, well known as half of mad sturdy Detroit duo Frank'n'Dank, has recently been hanging out in L.A. with John "Illa J" Yancey, younger brother of legendary producer James "Jay Dee aka J Dilla" Yancey. As Delicious Vinyl readied the release of Illa J's Dilla-produced debut LP Yancey Boys last year, Frank started playing Delicious Vinyl boss Michael "Mike Floss" Ross a smattering of new tracks.
"Frank's incredibly prolific," says Floss. "He was playing me songs he'd recorded in the past six months, and when I heard 'Love' I knew it was a song I wanted to put out. Combining Terrace's sparkling West Coast sound with the perspective that Frank brings as a native Detroit MC, topped off with a beautiful hook by J.Black and you got yourself a party starter. The fact that this cut's for the ladies just shows we got our priorities straight!"
Floss isn't the only one to fall in love with "Love." When producer Terrace Martin played the unfinished song to West Coast legend DJ Quik, Quik quickly volunteered his mixing and mastering skills as well as contributing a verse to the finished version. Because sometimes you can only beat the heat with more heat. Though it helps to have a swimming pool too.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Its Been a Long time since i Left you!!!!!!!!!

What's poppin people? Ya boy nitt broadcasting from sunny California. Hope all is well with er'body, I'm good just a litlle tired! those timezones will tear ur ass up... Pause..I just got off tour in Europe and in the last few days Ive been in Detroit and now Cali! So right now I don't know what time to fall asleep..LOL... But it's all gonna pay off, scrap dirty told me that ain't nobody, not even him gon get it for me so here I stand on that grind people! Like I said just left Europe and that shit was craaazy to say the least! London was of the hook, big shout to spin doctor,there are so many highlights, we rocked with CNN in leipzig Germany, and Ohno and Roc C in Switzerland. Needless to say it was off the charts, but the work don't stop muddasockas! Now that I'm back on this side of the pond,along with the good people at I've launched a contest based around my new single "Love". It's produced by the big homie terrance martin and featuring j blaq. Now if u don't know terrance you need to go and do some homework cause ur slippin! Needless to say we got that FIRE! Check the contest out and u can hear that heat!and on a side note big shout to slum, Illa j, and focus for makin a great record to pay homage to my best friend the late great jdilla, and u know I'm on that right? So I think that's it folks... For now, cause u know I've been in the kitchen and I got some shit cookin!...peace


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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Can't Knock the Hustle

What's poppin people ya boy nitty, happy new year and all that! I must say this new year I have a renewed spirit to go and get it! My manager SCRAP DIRTY feet said something that got me geared up to go, he said
" it's like the industry is standing still joe" and it got me to thinking, I should start runnin, so I'm attacking this shit like I never had a deal even tho I've had several, indie and major, like noone has heard of frank nitt or frankndank even tho I'm bookin shows, just to really forget about the meals I've had thanks to hip hop and be hungry! U gotta chase the dream before u can live it, so game on.... At least with me hope to see u there...... Peace and wealth


"The Concert Hall Ep" available online now!!!