Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Can't Knock the Hustle

What's poppin people ya boy nitty, happy new year and all that! I must say this new year I have a renewed spirit to go and get it! My manager SCRAP DIRTY feet said something that got me geared up to go, he said
" it's like the industry is standing still joe" and it got me to thinking, I should start runnin, so I'm attacking this shit like I never had a deal even tho I've had several, indie and major, like noone has heard of frank nitt or frankndank even tho I'm bookin shows, just to really forget about the meals I've had thanks to hip hop and be hungry! U gotta chase the dream before u can live it, so game on.... At least with me hope to see u there...... Peace and wealth


"The Concert Hall Ep" available online now!!!


Illa Soul said...

Hey, didn't I take this dope pic? Um yes, I did;) what up??! We are bloggin now. You got to link us up in dis.

dwest said...

What up Mr. Bush! I just wanted to show some love from your family here in Dubai. The West family is alive and strong. I love what you are doing and look forward to more of it in the new year.

Dan West