Tuesday, December 23, 2008

U Say its Ur BirrfDay its My BiirrffDay 2..lol


What's poppin people the boy nitty here on my born day, just finished celebrating with my manager Scrap Dirty and Super Producer YOUNG RJ ,and u know it was the usual day for us, million dollar crib some food, some liquor, and for urs truly a little herbal refreshment! And the studio...goodtimes! Got a ton of birthday wishes from all my peoples, thru out the day and even a surprise bday shout from mr. Thanksgiving him self Dj Drama, so I wanna say thank u to all my people for holdin ya boy down y'all made it special for the kid! And for the record birthdays are for goodtimes no matter what ur doin so if someone is makin it difficult for u on that day they are not on ur team, and begging someone to play the game is beneath me and mine and that's why my team is that deal! So to my team thank u...peace and wealth

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Saturday, December 20, 2008


The road warrior
What's poppin people of the world the boy nitty here in snowy ass Detroit, ahh the holidays!!! So I'm here takin a break from workin on new music, I'm an underground hip hop artist and I exist on the road doin shows.i nor my group(frankndank muddasocas) have sold millions of records but a little trivia for the kids I spent almost half of 2008 in Europe on various tours, big shout to sepalot, we jumped it off in June and it was on for months for the kid! From Germany to Russia and beyond and then dank jumped out and we hit Spain and Estonia...crazy!
So I wanna thank all the people who help us underground hip hop artist survive by being out in the world performing! So thank you to all the promoters, and dj's, cause without y'all booking us and playin those records,how would we make it happen, and all the fans that go and support the cats who make music that might not make it to ur local radio show but might sell out ur local club! I appreciate y'all foreal and er'body who supports that real hip hop ish! Even if it's not my shit....muddasoca.... So I'm booking for the new year for frank nitt and fnd so Europe see u soon and every where else go to y'all local promoter and tell em to get to booking and If not pistol punch him in the family jewels and ask him again...LOL and I know there are people I didn't thank but I don't have the space for that, think pilots, baggage,security, bartenders and strippers toooo much!!!!!

Peace and wealth

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pro's& Cons of Recording
@The Family Home!

Pro's and Con's of recording at the family home...
What's poppin people the boy nitty here broadcasting from the family home in the d since the crew took a little hiatus(T3 left town) see how I put the blame on someone else! So I'm here and I figured I should keep working, so I put up the portable stu in the crib and went on to bangin ish out, beats, songs, whatever. Now I must say there are advantages to being at the family home for someone like me, see I don't have a homebase persay, I kinda live out of my suitcase hence the portable studio, I might me in Cali this week and Germany the next, so being at the family crib and working is great because u have home cooked food right there and good eats are essential to a good session, next the comfort level is of the meter ur amongst family! If ur like me it's also a time to enjoy ur fam and use that good energy to create some ish! And that leads to the con's of it! That good food has to be prepared and it seems to me that, that shit happens right in the
middle of ur best verse of the day...LOL.. And u can't use it with dishes in the background! And the fam is never ending so working for any stretch of time is mission impossible, and I guess the fact that Yrj gave me a good ass mic doesn't help so even tho I'm in the front of the house I can here my son taking a leak in the bathroom at the back of the house...LOL..and that ain't cool! But it's all about balance people u can't get the good with out the bad..so u just have to get er' done!

Peace and wealth


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Friday, December 12, 2008

FRESH FROM THE TDOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Photo By Jazmine hashemi)
What's poppin people ya boy nitty checkin in fresh of the train from Toronto, had to cut some vocals on my partner in crime dank for an upcoming project, more on that later, so I'm here at the stu with T3 and scrap dirty, finally got him out the south, workin as usual,that's what we do! Speakin of doin the do thx to Yrj and guitar center I slapped together my portable studio and made dat shit work and cut some super clean vocals! So the lesson for the day kids is where there's a will there Is a way translation get off ur ass and make it pop! Holla


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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Mind of Frank NITT

(Photo by Sami t)
What's poppin people ya boy nitty checkin in from the stu, here with t3 and young rj workin and shit, and I really don't have anything to type so I guess I'll just hit u with random shit, I'm shootin a video soon for my single "automatic" so ladies if ur sexy and u know it clap ur ass! LOL... I kid I kid! Foreal tho I need 2 lead girls so if ur sisters cuzzins niece would like to possibly be in a video and lives in or around Detroit get at scrap dirty or urs truly! I think I will see if the big homie rhettmatic will let me leak a joint from our ep, er'body should just find rhett and tell him to let the music free! Big shout to Sami t. And jasmine hashemi for the photos of my grill piece u see.. I like fried chicken....LOL... Told u this would be random shit. My nick name is big beard...if someone makes u mad tell them u will drown them in some puppy protein!!LOL...see! It's Just cause im bored while j and uncle craig cook up some new is for slum. That was like therapy I just shared... Alright enough of this random ish..more meaningful stuff later, so be cool or I'll paste ur knees to I'd chest....LOL...I'm gon


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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Whats good People i had to bless yall with a Part of my life that had to be shown Visually Enjoy!

Monday, December 1, 2008

WORKING TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo( Diamond Recording Studio)

What's poppin people all over the world? Since Scrap Dirty told me I got hits from er'where, by the way thx to the boat load of y'all that checked ya boy out! So unless u've been sleepin under a rock, u know it's a recession goin on outside no man is save from, and the only way out is to work! No matter what u do, rapper(like me), bus driver, pornstar, whatever! U just gotta grind it out( pun intended), & man help ur people, and I know some of them muddasocas aint right but u can't put that on us all! You atleast have to try to build with the ones that's true to it! Now nitty ain't just some some shit head with a computer or an iPhone in this case, I practice what I preach. I puts in work! Madlib, dj Rhettmatic and Ohno are all producers I've done songs if not whole projects with in the last 6 months, and not to mention a full album with Terrance Martin that we recorded in three days! And I'm in the studio right now as I type with young Rj, uncle craig and T3. Needless to say 2009 is gonna be a big year for the kid! So I'll end this with the timeless words of one of our hip hop pioneers Kool Mo Dee "I go to work" and u should to..

Peace and wealth
Frank nitt

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