Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Mind of Frank NITT

(Photo by Sami t)
What's poppin people ya boy nitty checkin in from the stu, here with t3 and young rj workin and shit, and I really don't have anything to type so I guess I'll just hit u with random shit, I'm shootin a video soon for my single "automatic" so ladies if ur sexy and u know it clap ur ass! LOL... I kid I kid! Foreal tho I need 2 lead girls so if ur sisters cuzzins niece would like to possibly be in a video and lives in or around Detroit get at scrap dirty or urs truly! I think I will see if the big homie rhettmatic will let me leak a joint from our ep, er'body should just find rhett and tell him to let the music free! Big shout to Sami t. And jasmine hashemi for the photos of my grill piece u see.. I like fried chicken....LOL... Told u this would be random shit. My nick name is big beard...if someone makes u mad tell them u will drown them in some puppy protein!!LOL...see! It's Just cause im bored while j and uncle craig cook up some new is for slum. That was like therapy I just shared... Alright enough of this random ish..more meaningful stuff later, so be cool or I'll paste ur knees to I'd chest....LOL...I'm gon


"The Concert Hall Ep" available online now!!!

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