Saturday, December 20, 2008


The road warrior
What's poppin people of the world the boy nitty here in snowy ass Detroit, ahh the holidays!!! So I'm here takin a break from workin on new music, I'm an underground hip hop artist and I exist on the road doin shows.i nor my group(frankndank muddasocas) have sold millions of records but a little trivia for the kids I spent almost half of 2008 in Europe on various tours, big shout to sepalot, we jumped it off in June and it was on for months for the kid! From Germany to Russia and beyond and then dank jumped out and we hit Spain and Estonia...crazy!
So I wanna thank all the people who help us underground hip hop artist survive by being out in the world performing! So thank you to all the promoters, and dj's, cause without y'all booking us and playin those records,how would we make it happen, and all the fans that go and support the cats who make music that might not make it to ur local radio show but might sell out ur local club! I appreciate y'all foreal and er'body who supports that real hip hop ish! Even if it's not my shit....muddasoca.... So I'm booking for the new year for frank nitt and fnd so Europe see u soon and every where else go to y'all local promoter and tell em to get to booking and If not pistol punch him in the family jewels and ask him again...LOL and I know there are people I didn't thank but I don't have the space for that, think pilots, baggage,security, bartenders and strippers toooo much!!!!!

Peace and wealth

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